Larry ''Wild Man'' Fischer
FOUND! by Byron Werner
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The following email was circulated by L.A. artist and bachelor pad music vanguardist Byron Werner. It is posted here by kind permission of the author.

Tuesday, 07 November, 2000Byron Werner


Upon leaving Barney's Beanery in Hollywood last night around midnight, I spied a gray-haired gentleman about to get into a car with a friend of his. He looked familiar, so I called out, "Larry Fischer? Are you Larry Fischer?" He said, "Do I look like him?," and I replied, "Well, yes!"

Indeed it was the elusive Larry "Wild Man" Fischer. We talked for three minutes or so. He seemed calmer (!) and in pretty good health. I told him I'd played his music on [Luxuriamusic] radio, especially "It's a Money World" and "It's a Hard Business" (I wish I'd thought to mention "Circles"!). I particularly told him how wonderful his duet was with Rosemary Clooney on "Hard Business." [on the 2CD set, THE FISCHER KING, available from]

Fischer told me that Rosemary had told him all about her hard times in the business. He said that in her study, Rosemary has a photo of herself with Bobby & Jack Kennedy, as well as a photo of LARRY!

I told him they should do a whole album together as they made such a great team, and they worked so well together. He said he wasn't in the music business anymore, and I, of course, told him he should get back into it (as everyone is manipulated to tell him).

That's pretty much it. A nice chance meeting.

--Byron Werner


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