From: David Graupner, President/CEO of TM Century, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Date: October 10, 2001



Thanks for the copy of the Langley Music Project. I have to tell you that,
while I thought the whole CD was really neat, their version of "In My Room"
was particularly powerful. The combination of the lyrics and the kids'
innocent voices juxtaposed against all the craziness of the past month makes
for a very powerful statement. It's unnerving, yet at the same time, somehow
comforting. The rawness of the recording only makes it more powerful and
childlike. There aren1t too many songs that come around that get me stirred
up. This is one of them.

It's funny how lyrics can take on different meanings at different times. I
suspect that when Brian Wilson penned this tune, and again when the Langley
kids recorded it 25 years ago, none could have imagined the meaning it takes
on today. Speaking only for my neighborhood, there are a lot of moms out
there who are terribly concerned about how these recent events have (and
will) effect their kids.

At any rate, I don't know if you have any plans to release a single, but I
would encourage you to push "In My Room"...and, to that end, we are
programming it on HitDisc and posting it on our downloads page at
<> under the Patriotic Songs section.





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