Since the release of The Langley Schools Music Project, a number
of former students who participated in the recordings under Hans
Fenger have re-established contact with their former teacher.
The following letters are posted with permission from the authors,
including email and web site addresses where requested.
If you were part of these recordings, Hans would like to hear from you.
Contact him through <Langley Music Info>



updated: 04/05/02

It was brought to my attention that our old school project with Mr. Hans
Fenger has made a remarkable revival. It was fun to be a part of that. It
was my start in playing the guitar and singing. By the looks of the picture
on the front cover, I was more focused on playing that "D" chord than

In my college years many of my peers urged me to pursue recording the songs
I had written, but fame and fortune have little attraction for me. I do,
however, attribute those days at Glenwood to be the foundation for the music
ministry I now have with the church. People request that I provide for them
a CD of the songs I have written lately, but money for recording is
swallowed up by mortgage and car payments and . . . you get the picture.

Give Hans my best regards and a belated thanks for all that he did to make
our education an enjoyable experience. And thanks to you guys for doing
something more with the album than I would have ever imagined.

Jeff Betker
Aldergrove BC

Dear Hans,

I am sitting here trying to make sense of this. I was part of the small
group of people from South Carvolth Elementary that was in the choir. I
attended the recent reunion at Glenwood Elementary and was brought to tears
many times that day. It was very nostaglic, and listening to us sing
together again was amazing.

I still have the original album (in the plastic wrap!) in my closet. My two
children go to South Carvolth; the eldest is in Grade 5 and he is amazed
that his Mom is actually on a record album. The school wants to do a story
about me and the recordings in their newsletter. I feel like a star!

You were an amazing teacher and friend to us, Hans, and I remember vividly
the many afternoons in the gym and performing for our families. It was one
of the most memorable moments in my life, thanks to you and your talent to
teach children.

Brenda Beck (Brown)

Mr. Fenger,

I was really surprised when I did a random web search on "Wix-Brown" and
found the Langley Schools Music site. Way to go Wix-Brown! I could not
believe the big deal over an album made by Langley students 25 years ago.
I must have slept through the local news coverage of the story here in Victoria.

This brings back warm-hearted memories.. Even though I was pretty much a
pain for you, it was great to have a teacher that involved the students in
music in a big way. I remember the recording session and how shy some of
the soloists were, and that some did their recordings separately from the
rest. But getting us to participate was your goal, and you made a mark in my
memory for all my time. I admired you and your method of teaching, and
thought you were cool in your approach to music. I also want to thank you
now for keeping me involved in the album, even though I was usually serving
a sentence in the library printing off music sheets for songs that were
going to be sung.

You were the guitar-slinging, sandal-wearing, scarf-toting music teacher
that made the impossible possible. By the way -- where is that
multi-coloured scarf these days?

I used to joke with my friends that while they struggled at getting
recorded, I'd already cut an album. I'm glad that so many people are
enjoying what was simply a music project by school kids having fun.


Elzear Chabot

Congratulations Mr. Fenger!!! The Long and Winding Road takes on new meaning
as we experience how one person's choices and actions can affect so many
peoples' lives, a ripple effect that chooses it's unique pace and time. I
think you made the records for all the right reasons and now are seeing the

My singing voice has never recovered from trying to be the loudest singer of
the bunch; it has a fondness for cracking, yet it is still the instrument I
most often use for making music. Music has continued to be one of my
favourite things, even though I have never passed the beginner stages of
learning any instruments and, because of this, still get put in the
percussion section. My children have the benefit of watching their father
and older brother play guitar quite well. I will take the credit for
sparking their fondness for the Beatles, which you passed to me. I am a
dancer at heart and am currently working my way up the ranks of Highland
dance, the celtic theme being prominent as you can tell by my married name.

For twenty-five years I've carried with me the memories of you and all the
classmates; the good you did has never disappeared from my heart. To me
this is one way a person eternalizes themselves. I've always been proud of
being a part of that recording because it was a unique, fun experience we
all shared together. Thank You

Loree Moffatt (Mundeling) ( Wix-Brown )

Dear Mr. Fenger,

Having recently attended the reunion at Glenwood Elementary, I must say that
it was pleasure to see you after a quarter of a century! It was also nice to
find that you still have that 'Kid at Heart' personality that made you such
an inspiring teacher. The way you explained to us students exactly what it
was that we were singing about helped to bring out the emotion heard in the
recordings. You turned the songs from just words into deeper thoughts and
concepts. For a boy of 12, it became a fascination that continues to this

One of my fondest memories of your class was the concert at Uplands
Elementary School. By the end of the performance, both teachers and
students were dancing at the back of the gym. You later commented how "cool"
that was.

Reading the liner notes, it is hard to imagine that while you were teaching
us, you were going through such turmoil in your private life. You always put
forth a fun and positive persona during classes.

Thanks for giving so many of us fond memories of younger days, and having a
positive influence in the lives of those you have taught over the years.

Scott Nichols

Mr. Fenger,

It was good seeing you at the recent VH-1 reunion. Congratulations, and
thanks for being brave enough to do what at the time, I'm sure, was
considered a slightly more than crazy project. I'm a teacher now, so I can
imagine some of what you may have gone through to get this done!

I was in Pat Bickerton's class. My brother, Mark, sang on the Glenwood
recording (I was off in high school by that time). As you'll remember, our
school, Lochiel Elementary, burned down and we invaded Uplands, where we met
you. I don't remember Mr. Bickerton doing any music with us prior to that,
although he used to bring his son's Beatles albums into school and let us
listen in class. We knew he liked music, and when you came along, he wasted
no time in hooking us up with you. Of course, none of us realized just how
sick he was at the time (he died a matter of months after my Grade 7
'graduation'), but I know now that the arrangement was certainly beneficial
all around. To be honest, I have less than fond memories of singing "Help Me
Rhonda," but I'm still not a huge fan of the Beach Boys, much to my
husband's chagrin! However, I do have great memories of other aspects of it
-- listening to Roberta harmonize with you was a first for me -- and doing
it so well! We were all amazed.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you were able to pull
together in spite of the (what I'm sure were many) nay-sayers at the time.
It's been a great thing for all the students, for education during these
difficult times (and music education in particular!), and for Langley. I
hope it will continue to be a good thing for you. You seemed to be taking it
all in stride when I saw you, but in retrospect, I guess that's how you
always went about things.

Thanks for the memories,
Lezah Williamson

Hello Mr. Fenger;

I was one of those voices on the album made at Wix-Brown Elementary (Grade
7). I found out about the album being re-released when I was at Wix-Brown
(my two boys attend) and one of the other moms asked me if I remembered the
album and was I singing on it. When I told her yes, she told me about how
it was a big hit in the States. Wow!!

I have been following every story in every newspaper and magazine across the
country for over three months. It is still so hard to believe this is
actually happening. My husband was so excited for me, that he took my
original album and cover and had them matted and framed with the caption
"Innocence and Despair, WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN?" and gave it to me for

I still remember the very first song you sang to our class when you started
at Wix... something about "not wanting a pickle... just want to ride on my
motor-sickle." It's funny what things stick in your head! Glad to hear
you're still teaching music. Let me know if there's to be a reunion????
(Hopefully not a singing one, ha!)

Sandra Brenner (Kennedy)

I wasn't a soloist like Sheila or Tina, in fact my kids tease me that I
can't even sing "Happy Birthday." However, we all sang our hearts out. I
remember how horrified my mom was at the appearance of Mr. Fenger -- that
was part of his mystique for us kids. I remember that he genuinely liked
kids and he would throw his whole body into his singing.

On my first day at my new school, Wix-Brown, in grade five, I remember
Carmen telling me that the music teacher taught songs like the ones on
14CFUN, and that he was really cool. On very rare occasions, Mr. Fenger
would let us have a drama class instead of a music class. I couldn't sing
but I thought I could act, so I really loved that.

I never went on in music (obviously), nor did I act past high school. In
fact I am 'just' the wife of a chiropractor with 3 kids and a dog. But if
you ask me what I remember about elementary school, I would say "Mr.
Fenger." And you can tell Rob MacRae that I remember when he had to do that
solo -- I felt so sorry for him! I think that's why I always sang my heart
out. I certainly didn't want to do that.

Dawn-Marie Clegg

Two weeks ago, I drove down 240th Street and memory lane. Along the way I
stopped at Wix-Brown for the first time since probably 1979 when I
graduated. A few days later, I picked up some memorabilia from my parent's
home to bring back with me to Los Angeles. Among them was a photo album from
first grade at Wix-Brown: Division 6. I decided then that when I got back
home, I would start to try to look up some people from Wix-Brown. What a
surprise today when I found out about the "Langley Schools Music Project."
It brought tears to my eyes to hear, through the online tributes, voices
that I had not heard in years.

I think I drove my family a little crazy today as I looked through the album
song list and realized that I still knew most of the words to most of the
songs. Unfortunately, I cannot say that my singing has improved.

I remember the spring concerts vividly. In particular, I remember that Mr.
Fenger entrusted me with reading out a dialog during a dramatic portion of
the concert. I remember Mr. Fenger's unorthodox teaching style and the heart
with which he taught. Even my wife knew of Mr. Fenger from reminiscences
prior to today.

Well, this album's been quite a sleeper. What memories!

Peter Huang (
Principal Software Engineer, Rhythm & Hues Studios

Mr. Fenger
Holy smokes! What is happening here?

100 or so years ago we made an album in an echo chamber of a gym to sell to
parents, grandparents and other relatives -- and now we are in the top 10 on
Billboard across the USA. (Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration there.)

It is quite amazing being a rock star. I cannot believe the excitement
around this. I haven't looked at the record in over 20 years. Wow! The
memory is faint, but I will never forget the mega-concerts we put on and
the day we made the record. Great memories not many people would (or could)
ever have.

I went to Wix Brown. I remember you first starting and me thinking, "what
the heck is this?" From there it went. Great Big Stuff. Lucky us. You even
assisted in me getting my first guitar. The regular ones wouldn't work
because I had to play left. I still have that guitar. A keepsake forever.
I'm sure we will see you soon,

Steve Swift

I had a lump in my throat when I started reading the responses from former
classmates from Wix-Brown. It is inspiring to see what has become of a
long-lost school project. I was overwhelmed at how much influence you had on
many students, myself included. The lyrics "I don't want no pickle, I just
want to ride on my motor-cickle .... and I don't want to die, I just want to
ride on my motorcy....cle," still run through my head. It was a song you
taught us when I was in the 3rd grade. I went on to race motorcycles in my
teens, and at the beginning of each race, that song would go through my
head. I'm sure it helped put trophies on my shelf. I sing it to my
4-year-old daughter, and it makes her laugh.

At the time of the recording, I tried to play guitar but my fingers were too
small, so I was stood on a bench to sing under your watchful eye. I was
known for sneaking in my own lyrics in class, frustrating you no end. I
wasn't trying to be disrespectful -- I was just a little rambunctious class
clown. I do have a love for music. I sing to myself and occasionally pick up
a guitar. I also have written a few songs, but have never put them together
with music ...... yet.

My sister Loree was one of the dancers in gymnastic tights covered in
glitter and makeup that got on anything they touched. Memories came flooding
back as I listened to the recordings. Ahh, the echoes of the gymnasium, the
lights, Joe's petri dish -- and of course, you conducting while playing
guitar with what seemed like magic fingers to an eight-year-old. It's almost
haunting, and sometimes wish I could step back in time to experience it all

I am an aspiring artist. I have had many influences, and you are part of
that, along with Mrs. Cheshire, Denny Ross, and Ms. Smith, who brought me
back to Wix-Brown to teach an art class while I was in still high school. I
am now doing custom paint and airbrushing, 2D digital imagery, and 3D
animation. I am researching and writing a screenplay about our interstellar
neighbors. If my project gets produced it would be a total thrill to have
the Wix-Brown version of Space Oddity, Venus and Mars/Rock Show and/or
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft as part of the soundtrack.

Glad to see everything and everybody come together like this. Quite
touching. Take care.

Jason Mundeling


I was one of your students at Wix-Brown Elementary. For years I told people
about the unique music program I had in elementary school. They really
didn't understand until now.

What a music program you provided! In Grade 5 we were singing "O Canada"
from a book. When you came in Grade 6, we were thrilled. It was so much
fun in your classes. Those songs stuck with me, and today they are the only
songs that I can remember the words to. At university, my ballroom dance
teacher chose "Help Me Rhonda" as one of the songs we would regularly jive
to. It brought back great memories of your music class. It is beyond me
how you listened to those songs over and over again as we practiced, but we
loved them.

I played one of the Orff xylophones, and participated in the gymnastics
presentation. There are two pictures of me on the left, lower corner of the
inside back cover of the CD. I am in my gymnastics leotard and next to that
playing the xylophone. My sister, Carrie, is also pictured at the top right

Unfortunately I don't have the album any more. My parents moved this summer
and got rid of their old albums to a thrift store. After the first article
came out, they drove from Chilliwack to the thrift store in Abbotsford. But
they (mine and my sister's) were gone. I had always meant to keep the album.
I am so pleased to have the CD now.

I too am a teacher and know how important it is to make an impact on your
students. You definitely did that 25 years ago. You gave us an experience
that I'll never forget. The fact that you didn't exclude people because
they lacked ability says a lot about you as a teacher. I have never been
praised for my musical ability, and so it is with great fun that I show off
the CD that I am a part of. Thank you for that.

Heather (Greene) Burns

I was a student of Hans Fenger in Lochiel Elementary the year the album was
recorded. I was not on the album but my sister Nona Blanchet was. I was
disappointed as a ten-year-old when I was not chosen to sing on the album. I
can still remember Mr. Fenger coming into class and telling us who made the
cut. I always enjoyed his music classes and ended up becoming a musician.
I've played drums for about 23 years and I think Hans Fenger had a lot to do
with my love for music. His different approach to teaching music to children
has had a life-long effect on me and I'm sure on many others who were lucky
enough to have him as an instructor. He taught me my first percussion
instrument, a xylophone that I played when we sang "Yesterday" by the
Beatles. I would like to congratulate Hans Fenger on the re-release of the

Tim Blanchet

I attended Wix-Brown Elementary and was part of the recording project. When
my sister mentioned that the recording had garnered a lot of press, I thought
she had it confused with something else, but I saw the news clip on TV, and I
see she was right.

Along with Frank Lodewykx, I was banging on the bongos, drums and maracas
in addition to singing on the project. I clearly remember the recording
equipment being set up in an "equipment checkout room" on the side of the

I was happy to see one of my closest friends at that time, Rod McCrae, had
dropped you a note, along with other old friends like Eva Meyer-Obel.

I took the music I learned from that great experience, and after travelling
around Europe, returned and got into radio. I spent 10 years on the air, and
became Music Director of Z95.3 FM in Vancouver, for which I won Canadian
Music Director of the year. I co-produced a couple of albums, but now I can
say I performed on one. I then become Promotions/Marketing Rep for
Polygram Records of Canada, and spent 4 years touring with bands, and
handling press/publicity for the label. I'm currently a producer at Radical
Entertainment in Vancouver, making video games for Playstation2, Xbox
and Nintendo.

I've never lost my love of music and still do freelance work on the side.
I vividly remember not only recording the album, but the far-out petri
dish/overhead projector special effects that we did for the live

I've also got a pretty dorky shot of me on the album cover.

Thanks for the experience Hans,

I took it to the bank.

Best Regards,
Joe Nickolls

My name is Chris Whobrey. l'm the one on the front cover of the Langley
album playing the guitar and right beside me in the middle of the album
cover is my sister Darla Whobrey. It's nice to see the interest in a project
where we allowed our inspiration in music to fill the gym and now the
airwaves. Both my sister and l have gone on to make careers in music since
these recordings. Thanks for all you've done with this project.

Chris Whobrey

I got a copy of Innocence and Despair today from A&B in Surrey. It was
selling rather fast! I was surprised at how popular the CD has become.

Listening to it was like being back there in the gym at Glenwood. I
remembered that old steel guitar, and I can honestly say I have not seen one
of those since! I really wish that I had kept my copy of the '76 album just
so that I could look at the cover again. I wonder if I can find someone that
has it and can scan it and email it to me.

In your reminiscences you said, "I bet they remember every lyric of every
song." That brought a smile to my face cause I do remember every word. And
now the songs are back, stuck in my head. I remember how much we liked
singing "Help me Rhonda." I remember how I thought the la-la in "You're So
Good To Me" would never end. I found it so hard to sing that part and sound
out each one over and over again. My favorite song was "God Only Knows," and
listening to it now it is still my favorite.

One thing that I did not realize until this all happened was how much my
attitude towards music and my musical tastes were shaped by your influences.
Funny isn't it, how we do not realize how much of us is Nature and how much
is Nurture? Thank you for imparting such a love of music in me.

Thank you,
Lois Gueret

Hans Fenger is your name to some people but to some of us kids at that time
it was Mr. "Cool." Who else had a teacher with long hair that walked around
with a guitar in his hands?

I was twelve years old when you put a guitar in my hands and gave me a
chance. You gave us all a chance when we made the record. We had something
to hold onto and take home with us. Now 25 years later I still have
something to hold onto and take home with me, only this time it's a CD and
not a record.

25 years is a long time. My parents still live in the house I grew up in and
my brother nearby, but I moved away about fourteen years ago. I now live
with my husband and young son in Israel. I continued to play guitar all
these years and was happy to hear about "Innocence and Despair." It brought
back a lot of good memories and a few laughs trying to explain about the
record we made way back when. Who would of thought?

Janice Hock Arad

I received a call on my cell the other day from my sister telling me that
the record we made as a school project way back when was getting some press
and to check out the news hour that night. I watched and some incredible
memories started to come back.

I still have my album tucked away somewhere. Your style of teaching was not
the usual. You had long hair and if I remember correctly wore sandals and
bare feet! Definitely not conventional for the times.

You taught music in a way that made it fun for the students. We learned and
played music that was popular, not boring. I had my song sheets for years
after that. I remember one trip to Disney Land with four girls ages 8 to 12.
My mother had to listen to us singing all way with the sheets I brought along.

I'm glad to learn that you are still teaching music. You made a positive
impression for music to me in elementary school [and] I'm sure for the
hundreds of kids you have taught over the years.

Wish you well.

Jodi Thompson
former Glenwood Elementary guitar player! about a blast from the past...!!! I am a former student of Hans
Fenger. I was a part of the album recorded at Wix-Brown School in 1977. I
was not a featured soloist, but did have a solo (along with three others) on
a cassette tape also recorded in Langley by Hans Fenger. I did go on to make
singing my career and would love to share stories of the past.

I do have some nice memories of my music experiences with Hans. It was he
who encouraged me to sing a solo, and when I was just too shy, he made a
cassette tape of four of us -- Sheila Behman, Joy Jackson, Jody Sullivan,
and myself -- just to make my wish come true without having to face my fears
in a gymnasium full of students! He also used to ask the music students,
"Who likes music?" Of course, they would all reply "I do!" At that he would
turn to me and say, "There's another one for you, Miss Music!"

He had a very unique way of teaching and I only now appreciate it as he was
indeed a "different" kind of teacher. Hans told me the reason he came to
Wix-Brown in the first place, was largely due to Denny Ross, who was the
principal and a unique individual himself. Mr. Ross let Hans have the
freedom to do what he wanted and his support was overwhelming. It would
have been a wonderful thing for Denny to see what has become of this album.

Lurene Music

Dear Mr. Fenger:

I was one of the students on the album now being re-released; I was in grade
5 or 6 at Glenwood elementary and played the drums with my friend Remy
Tompkins (or Tomkins). I heard through circuitous routes about how that
little album was suddenly out in the world and thought it would be
interesting to get back into contact. I have long since lost track of my
copy of the original LP, black and white jacket and all, but I certainly
haven't forgotten the experience.

I am currently a physician and working for Mayo Health Systems in Minnesota.

Carl Victor Janzen

My name is Rod McCrae and my sister Kathy and I were involved with the
Wix-Brown recording.

I was not very involved; you and I never "clicked" so to speak. Remember
making me sing in front of Miss Smith's entire grade 6 class because I
wasn't singing loud enough? I am pretty sure all the grade 7 students were
there too. I sang one line and then stormed out. I wasn't involved with the
project after that until recording day. You stuck me in the gym so I didn't
miss out but I left after one or two songs.

No hard feelings though, I think I've got a mug shot on the back of the
album cover. We (Mom, Kathy, and I) were looking at it last night after the
news report; I'll have to hook up a turntable I guess.

I really should have been involved with the technical end. I became quite a
good sound engineer at Aldergrove Secondary School on a 16 channel board.

I am now 35 years old, married and have a very special 3 year old. We own a
house in Aldergrove and are enjoying life.

After high school, I attended DeVry Institute of Technology and graduated
with Honors with an Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma. I worked in
satellite telecommunications for 5 years then did an Electrical
Apprenticeship in the construction industry. For the last 6 years I have
been building custom Mega-Yachts for Crescent Custom Yachts and am presently
Lead Hand, Electrical Engineering.

Where has life taken you? Do you know how Sheila Behman is? I was at a
garage sale at her mom's about a month ago; we used to be neighbors. Brad
Kehtler was in our neighborhood as well; he works with me in the Electrical
Department. I know Joe Nichols went on to be a radio DJ. I also hear from a
few others once in awhile. I would like to hear from you.



Hello Mr. Fenger,

I was one of your students who was part of this great album. Couldn't
believe it when I saw the Vancouver Sun, and almost fell off my chair. Sure
brought back a lot of memories of how much fun it was making that album and
having you as a teacher. You probably don't remember me but you might
remember I was the one with plaid on my jeans trying to look like a Bay City
Roller. I still have the album and I still can't believe it.
Take care and congratulations!!!

Nicola Belyk

Dear Irwin,

Hans Fenger contacted my brother (Chris Whobrey) and I last July to let us
know about the project. I was so excited to hear about the reception our
school project was having in New York. It's wonderful that you have agreed
to re-release this album/CD and I would like to help in any way I can to
make it a success.

Music was what I looked forward to most in school. Mr. Fenger was one of two
teachers that have had a real positive impact on my life. It was his belief
and constant support that inspired me to pursue my dreams as a professional
singer. Since the age of fifteen I have been privileged to do what I love
most of all - sing.

Feel free to contact me anytime or visit my website.
Darla and Company -

Bye for now.

Darla Kendrick

[ed. note: On the CD front cover, Darla is the girl
pictured in the upper center clapping her hands]

Hey Mr. Fenger,

Eva Meyer-Obel here. This is sooo cool. All these years people have laughed
at me for my bad tambourine playing and inability to sing! This will teach
them. Now I have a record release! I have always been very proud to own a
copy of this record and to have been a part of its production. It is and was
an honor and pleasure to have been one of your students. I am thrilled to
know that you are doing well and still teaching. I'm sure that all of your
students have walked away with a little something extra in their lives just
from knowing you. I will never forget you.


Eva Meyer-Obel Gillam

I recently got an article e-mailed to me by a friend who knew that I went to
Wix-Brown and was part of the recording of the album. I was surprised and
delighted to find out that people other than our parents were listening to
the album. I have grown up appreciating the music Hans Fenger brought to my
early childhood life. As people would come into my life they were surprised
that I knew those songs and were even more surprised to find out that my
elementary choir teacher taught them to us.

Thank you for the memories that came back after so many years of
a great teacher.

Jody Swenson

Hi there!

I don't know whether or not I'm actually ON this album or not, but I was
there, belting out melodies (forget the harmonies) with all my friends. I
still have fond memories of singing the songs I loved (and still do love)
and of Mr. Fenger leading us along with his guitar.

This is so cool and I can't wait to hear it again!

I'm now a working actor whose biggest credit to date is playing Uncle Fester
in the Fox Kids TV series The New Addams Family. I still sing a bit, too. I
recorded a track on an album called The Lost Railroad Journal by Daniel Ross
and the Jones Collective -

Thanks for the memories!

Michael Roberds
Langley, BC

[Mike Bickerton is a teacher at Simon Cunningham Elementary School in
Surrey, a district near Langley. His late father, Pat Bickerton, who was
Head Teacher in the Langley District, encouraged Hans Fenger's attempts to
imbue music enthusiasm in his students. Pat passed away of cancer in 1976,
and the first album of recordings by Fenger was dedicated to him.]

To Irwin:

Congratulations on the success of the Langley Schools Music Project. From
hearing an album you liked to getting it produced is a tremendous
accomplishment. I appreciate your keeping the LP dedication to my father in
the CD liner notes. My 85-year-old mother was very pleased when she read
about it in the November 23 National Post newspaper.

I can still remember how much my father, in his late 50s, loved what Hans
was able to do with his students, and how much he encouraged him, even
though Hans' approach was perhaps not embraced with open arms by everyone.
Dad himself had a great voice and used to sing with the big bands around
Vancouver in the 1930s.

Hans Fenger is a very talented individual, and also an unaffected and nice
person. Hearing about him interviewed , and seeing the comments about him
in the reviews, I'm sure it all is very exciting for him.



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