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(May 1, 1904 - July 25, 2002)

"You can't live life going
backwards. You
must go.forward."
-- Lucia Pamela

Entertainer, singer, songwriter, radio & TV star, multi-instrumentalist, all-girl orchestra leader, Ziegfeld Follies beauty, Miss St. Louis 1926, and lunar explorer LUCIA PAMELA Angelo passed away in Los Angeles on Thursday July 25, of cardiac arrest. She was.98.

Lucia Pamela

- - In 1969, she recorded her only album, INTO OUTER SPACE WITH LUCIA PAMELA, on the moon. You can look it up. The CD reissue was produced by Key of Z author Irwin Chusid for Arf Arf Records in 1992. Lucia was also profiled in a chapter entitled "Interstellar Overdrive" in Songs in the Key of Z.

- - Miss Pamela enchanted patrons at St. Louis' Odeon Theater as "Venus in Spookyland," and played Mother Goose at Fresno Storyland. She kept her Christmas tree decorated and glowing all year 'round.

- - A magical matron, sui generis.  Sweet, enigmatic, an inspirational sorceress. She will be missed, always. But her music and art survive, as does her spirit.

- - Lucia leaves 2 children, 12 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, and millions of past, present and future fans on numerous planets.

Lucia Pamela Read the New York Times obit of Lucia here...

A radiant tribute (with filmed interview footage ca. 1985, personal photos, and music), created by her grandson Chip, can be viewed at HollywoodForever.com: click on the box marked "Tribute."

Stereolab's song "International Colouring Contest" (on the album MARS AUDIAC QUINTET) is about Miss Pamela, and begins with a voice sample.

Visit Danielle Lemaire's Lucia Pamela tribute page here...

includes pictures:
Mortuary Card
Last Resting Place

...and a story of Danielle's experience at the funeral

"The last time I saw Lucia," recalled Kirk Biglione, "she was trying to raise funds to build an amusement park, with a ride that would actually take visitors to another planet. Not such a strange proposition when you consider that she's also convinced her pink Cadillac can.fly."

"Why? Because I want to."
-- Lucia Pamela


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