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Legendary Elvis Impersonator
feels "spirit has left him"

Stephen Fruitman of Sweden broke the news to us on Nov. 1, 2002:

"Just thought you might like to know that Eilert Pilarm has announced his retirement from music, according to a Swedish news service. He feels that the spirit has left him, that he doesn't get anything out of performing anymore, and will be spending his time concentrating on his real, janitorial job at the factory."

This was followed by a note on Nov. 23 from another Swede, Andreas Hjelmér, wrote elaborated:

"I don't know if the information has reached your side of the lake yet, but the greatest Elvis impersonator of all time, Eilert Pilarm, has quit music. All we lovers of Eilert can do is thank him for over 10 years of entertainment and fun. During his active years he toured regularly, and I will tell you an anecdote I heard from the booking agent of a large establishment in south Sweden. When Eilert was booked for a show, they asked for his rider.  We have all heard stories about Lemmy demanding M&M's without the green ones, but all Eilert wanted was six muffins and a glass of milk. Now there's a man who is more concerned about his audience."

We are saddened to learn about Eilert's retreat into seclusion, especially since he never embarked on a performance tour of the U.S. But at least we have his recorded legacy, and there's always the possibility of an eventual "comeback"! Elvis did it -- several times. Sic transit gloria Eilert.

Jack Mudurian - Alive and Well!

Jack Mudurian, a Duplex Nursing Home resident whose 129-song, 45-minute stream-of-consciousness medley was recorded in 1981 by David Greenberger, released in 1996 on Arf Arf Records, and chronicled in Songs in the Key of Z, has been found! At the time of the book's completion, Greenberger had long since lost track of Mudurian. But in late 2000, Greenberger received an email from a friend of the "chatterbox jukebox" in Jamaica Plain, MA, who reported:

"He remembers you well. Could you please send along a few comps of his CD. I'm sure he would like to have one to show his friends. He could also really use some coffee money. He's still bumming money from everyone for coffee and we like to discourage that behavior here at our program. Thanks very much."

Greenberger, Chusid, and several other Mudurian fans in the New England area discussed the possibility of recording a follow-up medley, with live piano accompaniment. However, when this was broached, Jack's friend advised us:

"He has been quite clear on a couple of occasions about not wanting to be a recording artist. I explained very simply what you were proposing and he said he really didn't want to. ... Jack is somewhat fickle and may someday change his mind, but for the moment, he wants to stick to live, local performances. I'm sorry, but we must let Jack take the lead in this and it wouldn't be right to try and persuade him (as tempted as I am) after he has made his preference clear. I'm sure Jack's fans would be amazed if he were to come out with new, improved product. Most of them probably assume he's dead. I will let you know if Jack ever has a change of heart."

Heroes and Villains

One track on the Powerpuff Girls: Heroes and Villains CD (Rhino) is called "Walk and Chew Gum," by Optiganally Yours. The lyrics include a mention of the name "Shooby Taylor," followed by singer Rob Crow scat-singing transcribed syllables from one of the Shoob's recordings.


"The Ledge"

David Bowie has long been a fan of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, yet the two had never met. But that's all changed now! Read all about it: here . . .

The Guardian Does Daniel

"I'm not really Jerry Lewis, but I understand that I'm kind of humorous..."
--Daniel Johnston

"Outsider artist Daniel Johnston used to give his drawings and songs away. Now, he tells Iain Aitch [of THE GUARDIAN newspaper], he wants them to help make him a star. ..." Read the whole story here... >>

Was Lost -- Now FOUND:
Larry "Wild Man" Fischer

Although he's not forgotten, Larry "Wild Man" Fischer is gone... Or is he?? Byron Werner recently spotted the wild one in Hollywood! Read all about it here... >>

Controversy Rages
The Village Voice vs. The Outsiders!
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