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Shooby Serenaded by Two Fans

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Tyler Cain writes:

In mid December 2002, I was visiting my good friend Van in New York City. We are musicians, as well as being fans of Shooby. While I was there I decided to go out on a limb and contact Taylor at the nursing home. A phone call later, we were on the subway headed to see him.

He was hesitant at first, since he feared we would ask him to sing (which he can no longer do), so we brought instruments and serenaded him to ease his mind. After that, he opened up much more and shared with us accounts of his musical history. Even in his old age, it was evident that he is a very passionate man. He flirted with the nurses who occasionally came to check on him. It was fun to get a chance to meet the man behind such strangely passionate music. As we were leaving, he sat up in bed and proclaimed, "Music is either bad.....or.....GREAT!" Interesting, eh?


BELOW: (L to R) Van, Shooby, Tyler at the Newark nursing home


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