Songs in the Key Of Z:

Produced and Compiled by Irwin Chusid



"Poignant fun." --Rolling Stone

Following up his critically acclaimed book, SONGS IN THE KEY OF Z: THE CURIOUS UNIVERSE OF OUTSIDER MUSIC and a same-title companion CD, author and producer Irwin Chusid presents a second CD compilation of ear-opening "outréphonics." These 17 artists showcase a colorful array of genres, styles and techniques -- but each is authentic, sincere, passionate, and possessed of a singular identity.

From the unshakeable patriotism of B.J. Snowden's "America," to Señor Luie Luie's 14-trumpet opus "Touch of Light"; from Bob Vido's one-man-Shaggs "High Speed" blowout, to Alvin Dahn's Van Halen-spiked "You're Driving Me Mad"; from Buddy Max's nakedly confessional "Birthmark Story," to Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker's 7-minute, freewheeling "Cousin Mosquito #2" (vastly different from #1 heard on Key of Z, Vol. 1) -- this is REAL MUSIC. If all you hear are imperfections, your ears are on wrong.

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Songs in the Key of Z: VOLUME 2
CD track listing

1. "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing"
00: - Shooby Taylor
2. "You're Out of the Computer"
00: - Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friend
3. "America"
00: - B. J. Snowden
4. "You're Driving Me Mad"
00: - Alvin Dahn
5. "Cousin Mosquito #2"
00: - Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker
6. "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night"
00: - The Space Lady
7. "Touch of Light"
00: - Luie Luie
8. "Curly Toes"
00: - anon.
9. "Stepping High Dance"
00: - Eddie Murray
10. "Five Feet Nine and a Half Inches Tall" (song-poem)
00: - Dick Kent
11. "Recitation About Roy Acuff"
00: - Gary Mullis
12. "Deep Bosom Woman"
00: - Wayne
13. "High Speed"
00: - Bob Vido
14. "The Herma, Scene 5: Recitation/An"
00: - Thoth
15. "Jet Lady"
00: - Tangela Tricoli
16. "The Birthmark Song"
00: - Buddy Max
17. "Heart of the Heartland"
00: - Mark Kennis



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